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Impressions about the mobile clinics from past participants

Being a volunteer with AEMRN has changed me as a person, mother and as a nurse.

The experiences and the feelings are immeasurable.

Travelling to remote areas of Zambia and Kenya in 2012 and 2013 to run mobile clinics was so amazing.

The oneness of all professionals to deliver the care was wonderful. 

We shared knowledge and education that will help change many things. This is fulfilling and the best contribution for a human being.

The clients' appreciations were so wonderful even for just Paracetamol (Acetaminophen).

2Together We Can Make it Happen".

 Florence Davidson

BSc. nursing, Dip, RGN.

Nurse Specialist

London, United Kingdom


'Year in year out, since the time when I was a medical student, I have looked forward to participating in mobile clinics; this year was more special as, for the first time, I crossed borders, together with the AEMRN team to offer the so much needed health care to the remotest part of Uganda, next to the Congo forest. This made me better appreciate the need to offer basic health care services to our people in Africa; it made me more convinced that indeed ours is work well cut out and if we have to make an impact in Africa, then we have to establish more networks, pooling together resources with other like minded people: indeed together we can make it happen!!'

Dr. med. Chris Barasa - AEMRN Medical Coordinator, Kenya


My experience with AEMRN 2011 mobile clinics in Kenya was extremely rewarding on both a personal and professional level. Joining forces with AEMRN members from around the world to deliver much needed health care to the villages of Kenya was an amazing experience, leaving me with memories and friendships to last a lifetime. As an American doctor, I feel that my scope of knowledge was expanded greatly through this collaboration of professionals working together to promote health and education. Medicine is practiced differently throughout the world, based on knowledge, resources, and prevalence of specific diseases. I especially enjoyed sharing knowledge and education with local doctors and nurses, comparing methods of practice and helping to develop my skills as well as theirs. Overall the experience was incredible!"

Dr. Megan Stone - California, USA


Being a member of AEMRN's 2012 mobile clinics was an invaluable experience. I was able to spend time interacting with the community on both a personal and medical level. As a student completing my degree in Public Health from USA at UC Berkeley School of Public Health MPH - focusing on Infectious Disease & Vaccinology - working abroad taught me a valuable set of skills. I also met some amazing physicians and individuals along the way! Knowing I was making a difference in health care at the grassroots level in Kenya was a great feeling.

Maria Montano - Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, USA



It was a wonderful experience to be part of the mobile clinic conducted about 15 miles off the provincial town of the Eastern region of Sierra Leone. It was shocking to see a mixed bag of diseases ranging from infectious diseases to non-communicable diseases. The health educational aspect of which I enjoyed most and the sensitization on those clients that most of what they perceived as a curse and untreatable disease could be cured by orthodox medicine or even prevented.

Looking forward to most of those outreach work in the near future!

Dr. S. H. Khan, M.B.C.h.B, MWACP, Physician Specialist

AEMRN country Representative and Medical Coordinator, Sierra Leone

 In-Charge, Lassa Fever Program, Kenema Government Hospital (KGH), MOHS

 In-Charge, Int. Med. Department, KGH, Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS)

 Sierra Leone.


It has always been a wonderful experience taking part in mobile clinics for the past twenty four years with various organizations. With the setting up of AEMRN, our organized mobile clinics in the towns and villages of Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and Sierra Leone have been very fulfilling.
It always leaves me a special feeling of achievement, actively engaging myself with the people in communities in those hard to reach parts of low income countries. It is really great having hands on deck in creating and optimizing health awareness among the population and actively participating in them receiving active treatments for their common ailments as well as the community based research and continuous medical education.
It is indeed time well spent and we will continue to reach out to as many communities in many more countries in the near future as possible.

Smile Indeed Together We Made It Happen Laughing

Dr. med. Charles Senessie- Founder and President AEMRN, Bern Switzerland


Since 2009, I have participated in mobile medical clinics and conducted public health research in collaboration with AEMRN in several countries, including Rwanda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Zambia, and Uganda. I have over 25 years experience, working in nearly 60 countries with dozens of government, private and non-profit organizations.

I can unequivocally state that AEMRN ranks among the top organizations I have collaborated with. The AEMRN team is made up of medical and public health professionals who have  a critical understanding of global health issues. In addition to their professional qualifications and experience, the AEMRN team brings with them compassion for the people they are serving. As an epidemiologist, the AEMRN mobile medical teams have provided opportunities to go beyond teaching and conducting research in the U.S. by enabling access to people across countries, cultures, with a wide variety of health problems and infectious diseases. Being able to meet face to face with people and speak with them about their personal and family medical conditions has been invaluable. I have collected valuable data for my research in preventive medicine, vector control and the application of geographic information systems in public health.  

But most importantly, I have been able to directly see the impact this research has had on the communities in which AEMRN has served.   I would highly recommend joining a mobile medical team for those who want to make a difference in the lives of people that are in desperate need of medical assistance.

 Prof. Thomas M. Kollars, Jr., PhD, Noah Leadership and Preparedness Institute -

Georgia, USA


I really appreciate from my heart the big job AEMRN is doing in Zambia and others African countries.
In towns and villages in Zambia, AEMRN members in 2012 and 2013 have contributed not only to mobile/ outreach health programs but also teaching at Chreso University.  At Kara Counseling Center of Lusaka 10 days of HIV Clinical Management 2013 updated knowledge was undertaken.
May The Lord remember you all.
Prof. Piere Yassa Consultant Dermatologist, University of Zambia Teaching Hospital (UTH), Lusaka, AEMRN Consultant Zambia.



It was quite interesting Volunteering with AEMRN in 2012 in the following localities in Kenya ( Kitale, Kiminini, Bungoma, Kaptanai etc). I could meet with other colleagues who devoted their time to consult for the sick. It has always been my zeal to look into the health problems of those who are underprivileged and have no means to take care of their health problems. 

My work with AEMRN in Kenya was a contribution to my vision in serving humanity for a better world of good health, peace and prosperity.

 I urge all others to join hands and see that the work of  AEMRN comes to further fruition.

Dr. Asomba Tobias, CEO COHECF, IMBCO Country Representative for Cameroon, Limbe.



What struck me first about the visit was Charles warm greetings to me when we first met in Nairobi. He was such a buddie!!! And the hotel we stayed was run by missionaries. I ate breakfast with them. Highly committed young people! I engaged them in conversation.

What they said challenged me a lot and I was more encouraged to go into the Kenyan villages

The other thing that really struck me was the large number of collaborating organisations that joined Charles in the villages. And the visitors from Taiwan, the United States,  UK, Switzerland, Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya itself.

I thought: there is hope for the world.

Charles "together" was not rhetoric, it was real!!!

The villages were like any other Nigerian village or African village for that matter. As usual, the health needs were tremendous and the population,populous.

Just too many people.


Dr. Olayinka O. Ayankogbe MBBS (Ib) FMCGP (Nig.) FWACP (FM)(West Africa)

Senior Lecturer & Head , Family Medicine Unit Department of Community Health & Primary Care

College of Medicine, University of Lagos

P.M.B.12003, Lagos, Nigeria

National Chairman, Research & Data Committee

Association of General & Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria.

Chairman CME Committee Association of General & Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, Lagos State Branch

Africa Regional Representative, World Organisation of Family Doctors Working Party on Research

Co-Vice Chairman, Education & Training,WHO-GIEESC.

"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve"-Napoleon Hill



Impressions from other AEMRN members who were there for the mobile clinics in spirit!!

 Thank you Charles and all the team members that invested time and money in
making this year's (2013) mobile clinic a great success. The photos are simply

A certain African pastor has this profound saying that "you can make a
living by what you get but you can make a life by what you give." And he is
a great giver himself in terms of investing his time and money in helping
people all over the world.

Heavens have taken note of your efforts and each of you will be rewarded by God in many other ways.

Thanks again!

Md. Stella Okoronkwo,
International Development Consultant
Fellow, Institute of Infectious Diseases of Poverty, Ghana
Member of Southern NGO on the Global Fund board, WHO Roll Back Malaria & Afro European Medical Research Network - Switzerland.
08 BP 2001 Abidjan 08 Cote d'Ivoire


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