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Mobile Clinics and CME

2013 Mobile clinics:

Eastern Africa I: Uganda - Ntezi and 10-15 surrounding towns and villages in Hakibaale Sub County, Kabarole district, Western Uganda
Period: 3rd August – 6th August 2013.

  • Kahangi Health Center II (Parish level) – Pictures
  • Kijura Health Centres III (Sub-County level) – Pictures
  • Crossing to Jinja the source of the World's longest river ( River Nile – Pictures.
  • Journey of AEMRN Team from Kenya to Uganda – Pictures.
  • AEMRN team in Kampala city – Pictures.

Eastern Africa – II: Kenya- 20-25 villages in north-western Kenya
Period: 8th August - 15th August 2013

  • Kitale – Matisi – Pictures

  • Kaptanai and surrounding villages - Pictures

  • Mateka and surrounding villages – Pictures

  • Journey by road to Nairobi – Pictures

  • Continuous Medical Education on Health Promotion with A4HP - Pictures

  • Appreciation Dinners, presentation of certificates and cheque to AEMRN Bursary recepients - Pictures

Southern Africa - Lusaka, Zambia: 15-20 surrounding towns and villages 45 to 600 km from capital city Lusaka in collaboraton with Chreso University and Chreso Ministries, Zambia
Period: 17th August – 24th August 2013

  • Chasanga (Outskirts of Lusaka) - Pictures

  • Siavonga district – Pictures

  • Kalunda - pictures

  • Meeting with AEMRN Team, Chreso Staff and Continuous Professional development with Chreso University students – Pictures.

Western Africa: Sierra Leone: Ngelehun, Blama and 12-15 towns and villages, 170 km from capital city Freetown along Bo/Kenema highway including chiefdom sections of Fallay, Kamboma, Sowa, Nyama and Gorama coordinated by Paramount Chief Benga
Period: 26th August - 31st August 2013

  • Mobile clinics in Blama and surrounding villages – Pictures

  • Mobile clinics in Gelehun and surrounding villages – pictures

Preparation for 2014 mobile clinics in Liberia - Pictures

2012 Mobile clinics:

Zambia, Southern Africa 22nd July – 28th July 2012


  • Chasanga (outskirts of Lusaka) and Chreso University Campus clinic - 45 Km from Lusaka - Pictures


  • Kalundu - 25 km from Lusaka - Pictures

  • Siavonga district - 150 km from Lusaka - Pictures

  • Outskirts of Lusaka and then Bambasana (Siavonga district, 160km from Lusaka) - Pictures

  • Kasungula district, Southern province of Zambia, about 600 km from Lusaka and 80 km from Livingstone – Pictures

  • World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva, Chreso University and AEMRN Continuous Medical Education (CME) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) – Pictures

  • Safari drive, Boat ride on Zambezi river and visited the famous World Heritage Site - Victoria Falls–Pictures

Kenya, Eastern Africa 29th July – 8th August 2012

  • Kisumu area - Town of Mateka and people from Muanda, Kibachenje, Lumboka, Samoya, Lunakwe, Tabuti, Wekelekha and Nandingwa villages - Pictures

  • Kaptanai close to the Ugandan border including patients from changeywa, Menu, Namwela, Kikai, Namutokholo, Masaba and Kapkirongo - Pictures

  • Matisi Mobile Clinics on outskirt of Kitale - Pictures

  • Kitale - Mobile clinic in Shimo La Tewa - Pictures

  • Alliance for Health Promotion, MOH Kenya and AEMRN Continuous Medical Education (CME) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) International Conference on Health Promotion Kitale Kenya – Pictures

2011 mobile clinics Kitale and Surrounding villages North Western Kenya July – August 2011

  • Pictures: Arrival.

  • Sorting out medications

  • Mobile clinics Matisi Community Pictures

  • Mobile clinics Kipsongo Community Pictures

2010 Mobile clinics Kitale Kenya

2009 Mobile clinics

2008 Mobile clinics

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AEMRN in News

Medicus Mundi Switzerland

AEMRN featured in Medicus Mundi magazine

Newspaper Monrovia Liberia

AEMRN in Daily Observer Newspaper Monrovia, Liberia

World Health Organization (WHO) HQ Geneva

© AEMRN, 2011 Thousand of patients took the unique opportunity to see a doctor, nurse or midwife during the AEMRN mobile clinics.

AEMRN in Swiss based AFRICALINK magazine

AEMRN featured in AFRICALINK magazine

World AIDS Day - AEMRN in Swiss Info

HIV/AIDS ist in Afrika überall sichtbar. In Afrika leben Millionen von Kindern,die durch Aids ihre Eltern verloren haben. (Keystone)

World Health Organisation- Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA)

AEMRN Intl. President Dr. Senessie as one of the 20-member WHO/GHWA "Think Tankers" first meeting in Geneva

Provector Community Project - Dr. Tom Kollars

AEMRN and Provector Community Project Video on CNN

Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and WHO

AEMRN featured in combined Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and WHO Publication - "WHO Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property:the Contribution of Switzerland". Page 20,section 4.3.4

WHO featuring 2012 AEMRN Mobile Clinics

World Health Organisation - 2012 AEMRN Mobile Clinics

Switzerland (Tax Exemption) Steuerbefreiung AEMRN

Global Emergency & Essential Surgical Care (EESC) program

AEMRN Granted ECOSOC Status

AEMRN has been granted Granted Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council - ECOSOC